posted : Thursday, May 15th, 2014

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Animation of the day

posted : Thursday, April 24th, 2014

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Monument Valley is Out Today!

Written by Elliott Finn

Remember that stunning, Escher-inspired puzzle game for iOS that you saw the trailer for a few months ago? Well, you can play it right now!

(Click here for the full article)

After I finish FEZ, this one is next on my list.

The most beautiful game I have played on an iPhone. Brilliant illustration and sound design.

posted : Saturday, April 12th, 2014

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Finally released my new film “Move Mountain”

Check it out on Vimeo!

(Making of here!)

My favourite animator’s new film. Watch.

posted : Saturday, February 8th, 2014

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Animation of the day: Dumb Ways To Die

This music video is also an advert for an app and also a message from Metro trains. I like the style of animation, it is very simple but good use of colour and nice character design all used with a cheerful song and a light hearted story of different ways to die. If you do like the animation style I do recommend the app as well.

posted : Monday, October 14th, 2013

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Animation of the day: Wax Tailor ft Aloe Blacc - TIME TO GO by Oh Yeah Wow

Amazing piece of stop-motion. This story uses a friendly looking octopus character with found objects to submerse us into the journey and the life of this cute sea creature.

Very inspirational piece, I want to get my camera out now.

posted : Friday, October 11th, 2013

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Animation of the day: The Scarecrow

Critics are saying this could be the best advert ever made. It could be the first advert to ever win an Oscar.

I think it is a great advert, it is creepily haunting with a dark twist on the old charlie and the chocolate factory song and the story line is all too real. Hopefully this will have the impact it is intended to, and open some eyes. 

posted : Thursday, September 19th, 2013

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A mixture of styles of animation beautifully put together.

posted : Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

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Not an animation but a beautiful short film from the Maccabees.

This ties in with my new (old) project of illustrating songs and the SoundScreen show which is coming up soon.

posted : Friday, July 12th, 2013

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Animation of the day: OSCILLATE - by Daniel Sierra

I don’t usually post CG animations but this is just beautiful. The strong connection of movement and sound makes the simplicity of this video outstanding.

posted : Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

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